Wildlife Awareness

‘Jasper’, a beloved Incline local bear was accidentally killed in May 2017, while playing with her cubs. A distraught community who knew and loved this bear, responded with a memorial service that turned into a strategy meeting of more ways to help people understand that Tahoe bears are not harmful … they are just hungry!

David Colley, local incline resident, fabricated an artistic Wildlife Corridor Sign he gifted Ann Bryant, founder of the Tahoe Bear League, at Jasper’s memorial. Public response ignited an idea for how these signs might re-frame public reaction from “What are bears doing in my yard??”  to… “How can I ensure the well being of my family and native wildlife, now that I realize we share Habitat?”

A collaboration was launched between Sustainable Tahoe, Tahoe Bear League, Bear Smart and SmArt Bear Box, along with support from the Truckee Roundhouse… to use these artful signs near creek corridors and active wildlife habitat to inspire respect and peaceful co-existence with bears and other wildlife throughout the watershed.

Thank you Incline Village!

Incline Village has installed 12 customized Wildlife awareness signs on Bear Boxes located along ‘Third’ and ‘Incline’ Creeks, between Hwy 28 and Lakeshore Drive in Incline Village. We are grateful for the IVGID (Incline Village General Improvement District) Board and the community’s commitment to education and preservation regarding wildlife issues in this region. Their “Zero-Tolerance” Program was re-instated August 1st, 2017.

You can view the signs on bear boxes along their new ‘Interpretive Creek Trail’ starting at Aspen Grove/Village Green off Lakeshore Blvd. Signs also hang at Incline Rec Center, Tunnel Creek Station and Incline Village Visitor Center. And if you live near a creek or active habitat area, you can order one and help spread the awareness while dressing up your own bear box or fence post.

Each 2-part sign is cut from 16-gauge sheet metal. The Lake part is 16″ x 30″, powder-coated blue. The front part is 11.5″ x 16″ and left unfinished. 35% of proceeds support the NGO’s supporting this effort.