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Wildlife Awareness Signs (can be customized with other wildlife and wording)

Lake Tahoe Signs

Wildlife use creeks as Corridors, so if you live on or near a creek you may see more wildlife as they make their way from the mountains to the Lake, forging for food. Aside from migratory Corridors, wildlife roam through their Habitat which humans now share.

The goal of these signs is to remind people traveling near these wildlife corridors and habitat is to please be respectful and give wildlife the space and safety they need to survive. When installed on the side of a bear box they also help visitors understand why trash control is so important.

Each $300.00 signs is cut from 14 or 16 gauge sheet metal. The Lake part is 16″ x 30″, powder-coated blue. The front part is 11.5″ x 16″ and left unfinished (so it can weather, which is the preferred look).
35% if each sale goes to the NGO’s supporting this effort.

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Hand made by local artisans, our Tahoe Keychains promote the protection of wildlife and sustainable best practices around the lake.


We are a 501 (C) 3 organization dedicated to the preservation of Lake Tahoe and her inhabitants.