8 Worlds of Tahoe


How are you contributing to the Heritage of tomorrow?

May the inspiration we receive from this watershed help us realize what is at stake


Experience 10,000 years of heritage still breathing in the basin and visit a heritage site near you:

1. Gateway Museum

Dat-so-la-lee, a Washo basket weaver, wove a basket so small you need a microscope to see it. Collect some long, soft and brown 9so they are dried but still supple) pine needles covering the ground and with some synthetic sinew, raffia or string you can craft your own basket, just to feel what it is like to weave from the eco-system, as the Washo did.


2. Washo Galis Dungal (winter house)

Visit a Galis Dungal in  Meeks Bay, Tahoe Vista or Incline Village.
Notice the contrast in how modern vs. native structures blend into the natural landscape – each leaving a very different footprint for the future to see.

Walking around the cedar structure imagine the relationships these people had with the land, water, wildlife and air – that created their culture and became their heritage. What is our relationship to nature today? How do you balance urban life and wildlife?

At any of these locations I invite you to take a short mindful forest walk with your heart and senses open (a ‘Forest Bath’). Listen to the trees, wind, water and wildlife and you may receive a song, a poem, an answer..



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