How Preservation is Profitable…

Sustainable Tahoe is excited to announce the debut of an experiential training curriculum based on four years of the Tahoe Geotourism Expo. Because many of you collaborated with us on the Expo, you have a sense of how “Geotrax” (Geotourism Adventure Tracks) can help promote a deeper, richer understanding of the Tahoe watershed and create a culture of stewardship as well as a new business model for the region.

In order to achieve this, we have taken inspiration from the Master Naturalist Program, Nevada Naturalist, and converted our Tahoe Expo into a one-of-a-kind outdoor curriculum where individual Geotrax become hands-on Geotourism courses.

Don’t be surprised if you see one of your former Geotrax listed as a potential class.

So we would like to know if you would:

1) like to participate?

2) what part you would be willing to play, if different than prescribed?

3) any edits, corrections, suggestions

4) how this can benefit your organizations objectives (as we want a win win)

DRAFT Geotourism Course

Thanks to all of you during the 5 years of what we have learned together through the Stewardship Congress and Tahoe Expo.

This course represents the next phase of our mission to help the region more fully realize sustainable economic, environmental and social prosperity.

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We are a 501 (C) 3 organization dedicated to the preservation of Lake Tahoe and her inhabitants.