Preservation is Profitable…

...when we (Tahoe’s tourism industry in alliance with locals), host visitors to adventures and attractions that sustain or enhance the water, land, wildlife, beauty, culture, heritage and air we all hope to share long into the future.

A 21st Century Tahoe Menu of Attractions and Actions will deepen a visitors sense of place while ensuring sustainable prosperity highlighted by 100 ft of water clarity.

Sustainable Tahoe’s service to this objective has been through facilitating the emergence of a 21st Century Geotourism Menu. Starting with the 2010 Stewardship Congress that launched 4 years of a watershed-wide (South Lake to Pyramid Lake) Tahoe Geotourism Expo.

Because many of you collaborated with us on the Expo, you have a sense of how “Geotrax” (Geotourism Adventure Tracks) can help promote a deeper, richer understanding of the Tahoe watershed and create a culture of stewardship as well as a sustainable business model for the region.

Inspired by the Nevada Master Naturalist Program we converted our Tahoe Expo into a learn-by-doing curriculum where individual Geotrax model the outcome. Don’t be surprised if you see a former Expo Geotrax listed as a potential class.

Please review the DRAFT Geotourism Course and let us know (use feedback fields below) how it might serve your individual, business or resort mgt. needs, or if you are included in one of the GeoTrax (we need to talk :).

DRAFT Geotourism Course

Thanks to all who hosted and participated during the Stewardship Congress and the 4 Tahoe Expositions of Stewardship that lead by example (Tahoe Expo).

This course represents the next phase of our mission to help the region more fully realize sustainable economic, environmental and social prosperity.

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We are a 501 (C) 3 organization dedicated to the preservation of Lake Tahoe and her inhabitants.