Geotourism Expo


A tangible experience of a geotourism model of sustainability and stewardship. 150-mile regional two-day demonstration is designed around the 12 geotourism principles as specified by National Geographic Center for Sustainable Destinations (NGCSD).   Increasing ‘Visitor Satisfaction’ via sustainable tourism models (geotourism) is in the “high priority action” section of the Lake Tahoe Basin Prosperity Plan (LTBPP) Final Report (pg. 57-79).

The Tahoe Expo is a region-wide (150 mile) open house of Tahoe’s sustainable successes configured as tourist friendly “Geotours” or “GeoTracks” : guided adventures that must meet three criteria: Fun, Meaningful (educational), and Low Carbon.

Unlike traditional fairs, festivals, Tahoe Expo demonstrates the feasibility of building a community owned tourism menu using  Trinomics™ : a collaborative model designed by Sheri Woodsgreen CEO of One Globe Corporation.

The potential of the Tahoe Expo is to define Tahoe’s 21st Century brand.  Sustainable Tahoe operates in the background as a facilitator, rainmaker and clearing house for recasting Tahoe and the rural regions assets that already exist into potential geotourism attractions. 

Geotourism Implementation Framework (GIF): a template guiding destinations as to how to implement practices and components required to deploy sustainable geotourism. This includes: a geotourism curriculum. that teaches the 12 geotourism principles. Our use of TriNomics ™ provides a collaborative guide for building GeoTracks: