Tahoe Expo

TAHOE (Geotourism) EXPO
From 2011 to 2014, Sustainable Tahoe produced a 2-day Exposition of Tahoe Stewardship that Leads by Example.

This watershed-wide Expo (South Lake to Pyramid Lake) provided a 2-day assortment of “GeoTracks”: Fun, Meaningful, Low Carbon guided adventures. The goal of the (community-built) Expo was to launch a 21st century visitor menu of activities, attractions and adventures like those experienced at the Expo. ‘Keeping Tahoe Blue’ is really up to me and you.

When local businesses promote activities that sustain or enhance the 8 Worlds, we will reduce the $$M spent to ‘clean up’, because our activities wont ‘make such a mess’.

Click 8 Worlds of Tahoe to explore guided and ‘self-guided’ geotourism activities available today!

(the Map below is from the 2014 Tahoe Expo).