Ways To Contribute


Your actions will decide the future of Tahoe. Choose: walking, hiking, biking, kayaking, paddling, climbing, wading, watching, crafting, being, sharing, respecting wildlife, using transit, carpooling, smiling and supporting businesses who practice sustainability. Love and stewardship lead by example.

Become A Member


We are seeking volunteers to help us scout and create the 21st century visitor menu of Geotourism Adventures tracks /GeoTrax in the Tahoe watershed. Activities, attractions and adventures that inspire stewardship thru deepening connection to the 8 Worlds of Tahoe.


…a Wildlife sign for a creek corridor or active habitat near you. Shopping That Makes A Difference


if you shop through Amazon, you can shop through ‘Amazon Smile’ and they donate 1% of your purchase to Sustainable Tahoe.

USE THIS LINK TO sign Up: https://smile.amazon.com/ch/38-3815121


Your tax-deductible donations support the ongoing efforts of facilitating the emergence of a Geotourism Menu to ensure water clarity into the future.