$2.5M to kill Bears… $70M to photograph them!

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There are a lot of statistics out there about bear hunting and viewing and you have to be careful what you look at. Our business group in Canada focused on the amount of revenue grizzly hunting provided to the BC economy vs. viewing.

As of right now I would guess that Grizzly hunting in BC generates around $2. – 2.5 million per year in revenue and viewing is close to $7 million. The real numbers are in the actual benefit that bear viewing provides to the BC economy.

We have a masters paper showing that our revenue has a 10 times multiplier effect on our economy. People who come to see bears will not come if they cannot get the dates they want so we are the focal point of their travels.

As we do around $3 million a year in revenue you can see that the actual benefit to the economy is closer to $30 million from us alone!

Our community can be found on the CBVA(Commercial Bear Viewing Association) website and it has good info. Contact Phil Bergman in my office about Peter Swain’s thesis and we are happy to help in any way we can.


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